The Origin of the Name

The product was first named within the company as “HOP-BEE” after its beer-like, non-alcoholic beverage made from real hops. The word was however difficult to say, and it evolved to “HOPPY” just before its public launch.

HOPPY’s logo is a boy playing the flute

Many people comment on the cuteness of the HOPPY logo’s design. It actually was created in the image of a boy playing the flute looking up at the sky. Please try rotating the logo and see what you get upon second look.


Malt from Canada, hops from Germany

We are committed to using only the best of all ingredients to produce HOPPY. Our malt comes from two-row barley imported from Canada. The hops are from Hallertau, Germany, for both its aromatic-type and bitter-type. The yeast, the bottom-fermenting type, is specifically selected from the Yeast Bank in Munich, Germany. The water is a natural spring water sourced from the Okuchichibu Mountains.

Four kinds of malt

KURO HOPPY which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017 achieves its beloved dark beer status by combining four different kinds of malt. KURO’s well-balanced taste is a testament of our brewmaster’s exquisite sensibility and the blending technique.

Keg of HOPPY

A very limited production of kegs of HOPPY is made available to select venues to offer a draft beer-like experience with fine, soft foam. The distribution is very small due to the delicate nature of the product.


Secret of the ★

The ★ mark which adorns HOPPY’s original mugs and tumblers is highly useful for measuring alcohol content. You can enjoy mixed drinks of the strength that you prefer by adding 25 proof shochu up to the first ★ for about 5% alcohol content, and up to the second ★ for about 7%. If you gaze at all the stars studding the mug, you can see the Big Dipper!

Tasty Meaning for the Bottle

The commitment to the use of the glass bottles to protect the taste and thus its quality has not changed during the entire 110+ years in production. Odorless glass bottles are the optimum way to enjoy the unspoiled aroma and delicate deliciousness of the select natural ingredients used to make HOPPY (malt, hops, yeast).

Modeled after American Beer Bottles?

Glass bottles used to sell HOPPY was a rare and valuable item during the post-war Japan. HOPPY briefly recycled and used American beer bottles from soldiers stationed then in Akasaka but it was inconsistent in different shapes and sizes. A local bottling company eventually offered a similarly shaped bottles used for export only and it became HOPPY’s first bottles.


Polar bear character named Mr. Hoppy

Mr. HOPPY is the polar bear character often found at HOPPY sponsored events. Some say the bottle shape resembles the bear. Others say it’s President Mina’s favorite animal. One thing is for sure - his round-lensed eye glasses is modeled after Chairman Koichi.