In Pursuit of Craftmanship and Natural Goods
112 Years in the Making.
Goals for the next 100 Years.

“Make products customers enjoy in confidence.
Make products we can offer in confidence.”

These words from Hoppy Beverage founder Hide Ishiwatari have always served as the cornerstone of its corporate philosophy. The company was first established in 1905 when Hide opened a Japanese sweet shop named "Gorokichi Ishiwatari Store" at age 10. The company evolved as a manufacturer of soft drinks and other carbonated beverages In 1910 under the name Shusuisha. In July of 1948 Hide founded Kokuka Beverage Company where he began producing the beer-like beverage HOPPY by brewing hops and malt with yeast. HOPPY has since become the flagship product and has become the most iconic of mixer beverages along with other products such as KURO HOPPY, GUARANA and various sour mixers. Most recently, in 1995, the approval for craft beer brewing license began the production and sales of AKASAKA BEER and JINDAIJI BEER. Hoppy Beverage continues to pursue the next distinctive products by investing in the technology and the people who support our committment to the fruitful future.


It is low-carb, low-calorie, no purine, so no worries! A refreshing taste makes the drinking experience enjoyable and long lasting.



"Beer-making romances a man's heart."
Current chairman Koichi Ishiwatari found it a calling. HOPPY obtained its craft beer brewing license in 1995, only the fifith company in Japan. HOPPY is a true craft beer with a history making over 70 years.



Called 'sours' in Japan, we takes pride as the leading mixer drink manufacturer. Our sours allows you to create authentic cocktails at your own home. It contain 10% fruit juice and no preservatives.



The first 'flavored' soda made in Japan. It contains a generous amount of Guarana extracts from Amazon basin in Brazil. Popular among all ages, young to old.