1905 Ishiwatari Hide is ordered to be a merchant with a five-unit regiment as "Ishiwatari Gorokichi Shoten" and filled the candy.
1908 Starts production of Ramune at the request of the army.
1910 April The first founder, Ishiwatari Hide, establishes Shusuisha. Starts manufacturing and selling soft drinks, ramune (brand name ikari ramune) and cider.
1926 July Establishes Chikuma Beverage Joint Stock Company. Starts research on materials such as hops.
1948 July Reorganizes the Shusuisha with Kokuka Beverage Co., Ltd. Barley-like soft drink "Hoppy" is developed. Starts production and sales.
1956 November Obtains a patent for "Hoppy" production.
1960 March Acquires “Moromi Special Production License” for beer soft drinks from Tokyo National Tax Administration Azabu Tax Office.
1963 May Starts production and sales of carbonated beverage "Co-up Garana" as a plant approves by the Tokyo soft drink cooperative.
1970 May In order to expand the scale of business, a factory is relocated to Tamagawa, Chofu City. At the same time, we modernizes the manufacturing equipment.


1981 November Establishes Kokuka Sales Co., Ltd. to increase sales.
1982 September Establishes Hoppy Co., Ltd. to expand distribution.
1982 October Predictes the market expansion of shochu split carbonated beverages. Starts the development and production of carbonated drinks containing fruit juices "Lemon-hai".
1983 October Predicts the market expansion of shochu split carbonated beverages.Starts development and production of four types of sour Ume, Shiso, Acerola, and Green Apple.
1985 April Starts production of oolong tea (Tianganyin).
1986 April Starts manufacturing Hoppy One Way.
1987 April Develops and released Barrel Hoppy.
1992 April Starts production of Black Hoppy.
1994 October Acquire "Liqueur Manufacturing License".
1995 March Acquire a beer production license. Started producing beer.
1995 July Kokuka Beverage Co., Ltd. renames to Hoppy Beverage Co., Ltd.
1995 August Begins producing and selling local beer.


2000 March Launches PET bottle sour (Lych, Blood Orange, Guarana, Lemon, Ume Sour).
2001 June Starts producing green tea.
2002 March Launches official website "www.hoppy-happy.com".
2003 April After the fifty-five year, "55 Hoppy" starts production and sales.
2003 May Mina Ishiwatari appoints as Executive Vice President.
2003 July Hoppy's 55th anniversary.
2004 June Starts manufacturing Shikuwasa.
2005 November Receives the 35th Food Technology Achievement Award Marketing Division.
2006 April Nippon Broadcasting starts broadcasting "Hoppy Happy Bar of the signboard girl Hoppy Mina".
2008 May Price revision implements.
2008 December Held Hoppy's 60th Anniversary 2008 Great Thanksgiving Day.
2009 May UNIQLO company collaboration T-shirt first releases.
2009 Auguest The 100th anniversary project starts.


2010 March The "100th Anniversary Appreciation Party" is held.
2010 April Mina Ishiwatari becomes third generation president.
2010 May UNIQLO company collaboration T-shirt second release. Co-up Garana 50th Anniversary Bottle was released.
2010 May Launches communication magazine "HOPPY Magazine".
2011 March Startes studying in Germany for brewing science research. Launches Hoppy, local beer, and Galana support supplied to Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Launches "the Hoppy de Ikinaku Operation" (donates a part of the sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society).
2011 April Changes the address of the donation to the non profit organization "Asagao" in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture. Starts providing supplies to Fukushima again.
2011 July Hoppy 330 · Hoppy Black · 55 Hoppy revival label starts.
2011 Auguest Recovery label of all 7 kinds of local beer starts.
2011 October invites Dr. Udo Katain, an authority on brewing science in Germany and a brewing engineer, for technical guidance.
2011 December 22nd Nippon Broadcasting "HOPPY HAPPY BAR" broadcasting toppes 1,500 times.


2013 March obtaines a perpetual license for low-malt beer.
2013 May 55 Hoppy wins the Silver Award at the 52nd Monde Selection "Beer, Water and Soft drinks Section".
2013 June Releases Hoppy 65th Anniversary Label.
2013 July Hoppy's 65th anniversary project starts. Holds a memorial event in New York.
2014 July Revises the founding year in 1905, when Ishiwatari Hide foundes the candy store "Ishiwatari Gorokichi Shoten".
2015 March Reaches its 110th anniversary.
2016 January Launches Hoppy Calendar Project "HOPPY ART LAND" from New York.
2016 February Hoppy wins the Food Hit Award "Long Celler Special Award" (hosted by Japan Food Newspaper).
2016 September Hoppy wins the Good Design Long Life Design Award.
2017 February Renewal Hoppy and Black Hoppy returnable bottles.
2017 May Akasaka beer wins Pilsen Munich Lubinrot Monde Selection Gold Award.
2017 September Nippon Broadcasting "Hoppy HAPPY BAR of the signboard girl Hoppy Mina" broadcasts 3,000 times.