• 1905
    Hide Ishiwatari establishes Gorokichi Ishiwatari Store
  • 1926
    July: Founder finds hop field in Shinshu, hops production begins
  • 1948
    July: Sales of beer-like refreshing beverage HOPPY begin
  • 1956
    Nov: Acquires HOPPY manufacture patent
  • 1970
    May: Moves to new facility in Tamagawa, Chofu City
  • 1977
    Use of imported German hops begins
  • 1986
    April:Production of HOPPY330 (recyclable) and HOPPY GOLD begins
  • 1987
    April: Sales of HOPPY kegs
  • 1992
    April: Production of KURO HOPPY begins
  • 1995
    July: Reorganization as Hoppy Beverage Co., Ltd
  • 2003
    April: Sales of 55HOPPY in commemoration of 55th anniversary
  • 2013
    May: 55HOPPY wins the Silver Award in the 52nd Annual Monde Selection
    June: Sales of label commemorating HOPPY’s 65th anniversary
  • 2016
    Wins “Longest Selling Product Special Award” at Food Hit Awards
    October: Operation of new NEO48 line begins
    Wins Good Design Long Life Design Award
  • 2017
    Feb: Redesign of KURO HOPPY and HOPPY returnable bottles