Returnable Bottles: Containers That Go Beyond Time

At Hoppy Beverage, glass bottles are used not only for its ability to preserve the quality our products but for its ability to recycle and reuse and conserve energy and resources. Unlike materials like plastic, tin or paper, glass bottles are an eco-friendly material whose quality won’t degrade after repeated use. We thus operate with returnable bottles for businesses to recycle and offer recyclable bottles for single-use purchases for general consumers.

Regarding the Handling of Glass Bottles Post-Use

Returnable Bottles for Businesses

The returnable bottles that are used to businesses are collected by the distributors and reused. Please keep the used bottles clear of items such as stirrers, spoons or skewers inside of them as the glass is delicate and it will scratch and result in damages.

Recyclable Bottles for Consumers

Please dispose after use in accordance with the rules of your local government. The collected bottles are broken down into small pieces called “cullets.” Cullets are one of the main raw materials for glass bottles as it make up near 80% of each recycled bottle. Our bottles are melted down and reborn as new with minimum of new raw materials added.

Reuse and Recycle Illustrated Diagram

Click here to download an illustrated diagram of how glass bottles are reused and recycled.